System Engineer - Advanced


tai cang, JS, CN

Company:  ExxonMobil

Job Role Summary

  • Maintain and implementing enhancements to the plant’s L3 control network   control systems or stand-alone control system
  • Take role as ICSR champion to admin ICSR annual work plan for Taicang Plant, including practice and document update
  • Assume network administrator functions for the plant’s L3 networks and information database.
  • Provide user training on the use of plant specific systems and assist end users in solving computer related problems



Job Role Responsibilities

Operational excellence
•    Ensure flawless execution of all Industrial control system related to maintenance and improvement at Taicang/Tianjin plant in compliance with safety and control requirements;
•    Support the plant’s engineering team on capital and expense projects related to any of the plant’s control systems

Productivity and reliability
•    maintain safety, security and controls for all plant operating systems and implement changes to the L3 network range of computer control and information management systems.
•    Support production requirements and problem troubleshooting with the goal of functional systems availability

Supply Chain optimization
•    Ensure control system reliability and proper modification/improvement to meet operation needs;
•    Develop BCPs and DRPs and ensuring DRPs for process systems / applications are tested as required.

Planning and stewardship
•    Pre maintainace plan for industry control system 
•    Monthly meeting with Global Technical Support for system policy / practice update. 
•    Work plan with ICSR practice to related system 
•    Interface with operations personnel to solve control system related problems
•    Interface with EMIT/Industry IT to maintain the plant’s vital links between L3 control network and L4 business network.



Expected Level of Proficiency

•    Working knowledge of lubricants and greases blending controls and transfer systems / applications required
•    Possess Control system, computing skills and information technology knowledge required
•    Knowledge of ExxonMobil Securities and Controls requirements, including ISRMP, UIA, ICSR and Audit standard and practices
•    Fluency in English

•    M&E Manager / Supervisor
•    Operation Manager / Engineer / Supervisor
•    Field Engineer
•    Global Technical Leader
•    ICSR NAP Advisor
•    EMIT/Idustry IT Coordinator


Job Segment: Systems Engineer, Network Administrator, Database, Field Engineer, Technical Support, Engineering, Technology