Process Safety Engineer


hui zhou, GD, CN

Company:  ExxonMobil

Job Role Summary

  • Process Safety Engineers contributing to all stages of asset development and operation, inclusive of support to technology commercialization.
  • Individual roles are structured to build professional foundation and promote rapid skill development while contributing to the business.

Job Role Responsibilities

1. Identify hazards:
1)    overpressure/underpressure hazards
2)    thermal expansion and brittle fracture hazards
3)    fire/explosion hazards
4)    dust explosion hazards
5)    static electricity hazards
6)    human factors hazards
7)    chemical and reactive chemistry hazards
2. Qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate the risk from hazards:
8)    knowledge of previous incidents that have occurred in the industry
9)    failure mechanisms that could pose risk due to those hazards
10)    risk scenarios that should be evaluated with respect to those hazards
11)    effectiveness of controls in place or needed to control the hazards
12)    analyze the consequences and probabilities of those risk scenarios
13)    assess the significance of risk posed by those scenarios
3. Provide cost-effective engineering solutions to reduce or mitigate risks:
1)    inherently safer solutions    
2)    simplify the process
3)    substitute less hazardous materials for more hazardous materials
4)    operate at less hazardous operating conditions
5)    reduce inventories
6)    reduce the likelihood of risks by providing more layers of protection
7)    reduce the consequence of risks by employing mitigating systems

Expected Level of Proficiency

1. A degreed Engineer, preferably a Licensed Professional Engineer
2. Familiar with a wide range of refinery or chemical plant processes, equipment and procedures
3. At least five years refinery or chemical plant experience with both technical and operations knowledge
4. Completed the following Safety Engineering training courses:
1)    HAZOP
2)    Inherent SHE
3)    Safety Engineering Technology
4)    Incident Investigation
5)    Risk Assessment and Management
6)    National permitting laws

Job Segment: Safety Engineer, Thermal Engineering, Process Engineer, Refinery, Safety, Engineering, Energy, Service