Production Process Engineer



Company:  ExxonMobil

Job Role Summary

•    Production process streamline and continuous improvement 
•    SPOC for new initiatives and clear interface within Manufacturing 
•    Related training 


Job Role Responsibilities

Operational excellence
•    Implementation of OIMS/CIMS/BPIMS requirement during process design and daily operation 
•    Monitor and analysis of blending, filling & warehouse operation process for continuous improvement 
•    Coordinate within Operations and with Engineering, and provide insight for process troubleshooting, efficiency, reliability and quality continuous improvement 
•    Work very closely with Shift team to achieve above mentioned continuous improvement 
•    Facilitate and coordinate related training to ensure knowledge continuity
Productivity and reliability
•    Analysis of operation data for MEI to monitor the overall production efficiency & reliability,  and identify improvement opportunities
•    Provide process streamline support, make technical recommendations, improve process engineering tools
•    Reach out to SME for advice as external resources when needed
•    Build best practice and functional expertise around blending and filling operation
Supply Chain optimization
•    Collaborate with Production Planning, Deployment & Distribution for achieving a robust supply chain
•    Conduct feasibility study by working with Supply Initiative team for new initiatives landing 
•    Coordinate with shift team for new initiatives implementation and behave as One-Team
•    Build best practice and functional expertise around inventory management

Expected Level of Proficiency

•    Bachelor degree or above in Engineering
•    Operation background  
•    Demonstrate role model behavior and support for diversity, leadership, teamwork, customer focus, and personal/process safety.


Job Segment: Process Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Engineer, Engineering