SSHE Professional



Company:  ExxonMobil

Job Role Summary


  • Collaborates with site leadership to influence safety culture and oversees the safety of all direct reports
  • Mentors SSHE staff, identifies staff development needs / opportunities and provides timely, constructive feedback and guidance to facilitate career development and competency
  • Establishes credibility with unit and functional Management via ongoing communication and support
  • Aligns SSHE support with unit and function needs, continuously monitors via engagement and interface, and adjusts as needed
  • Serves as member of Leadership Team to help ensure License to operate is maintained
  • Supports site Leadership Team in the execution of both short-term and longer-term (5-year) SSHE plans to deliver the goals and objectives
  • Verifies and measures compliance with SSHE processes and procedures and identifies continuous improvement opportunities
  • Drives processes that are fit for purpose and effective for the unit and function needs
  • Ensures completeness and quality of SSHE deliverables and work products
  • Understands, guides, and influences technical SSHE decisions
  • Explains and promotes the team and company vision; sets clear and measurable objectives (Set Standards); engages, motivates and empowers team members (Inspire & Motivate)
  • Provides insightful coaching; develops talent for the long term; assesses performance and provides actionable feedback
  • Demonstrates and rewards courage of conviction, creativity and adaptability in improving business results; shares learnings from success and failure
  • Promotes collaboration and teamwork; creates a work environment where different perspectives are valued; effectively manages conflict


Job Role Responsibilities

This is a representative description of the role of SSHE Supervisor and does not represent a specific position. The SSHE Supervisor supports applicable functions/units/projects in developing and reviewing deliverables, responding to Management requests, identifying staffing needs, and reviewing/endorsing applicable work deliverables. The SSHE Supervisor ensures that the tools, resources, and support are fit for purpose, providing stewardship, analysis, direction and supervisory support to drive the organization to achieve SSHE objectives and priorities. The SSHE Supervisor is responsible for managing reporting personnel to optimize performance and for their stewardship and career development. Example position titles in this Job Role include: Business Unit/Site/Project SSHE Supervisor or Team Lead.

Expected Level of Proficiency

Review the level of proficiency needed in this Job Role for both Functional Skills and Behavioral Skills.

Proficiency Levels

Job Segment: Developer, Technology