Chemical - Lab Technologist


Shanghai, 31, CN

Company:  ExxonMobil
Job Role Responsibilities
  • Must possess strong reading / writing skills in English; proficient in spoken English
  • Utilize safe work practices, actively participate in safety activities, and understand safety policies and documentation
  • Fully support and participate in OIMS, DIAF, and GPQMS
  • Fully familiar with sample shipping and receiving, coordination with site personnel
  • Maintenance of instrumentation quality control (calibration, SQC, round robin, etc.)
  • Critical analysis of information obtained from tests - ability to diagnose errant data
  • Enthusiastic, team player, "can-do" attitude, flexible and willing to learn
  • Mechanical aptitude and the ability to trouble-shoot equipment problems
  • Work with minimum amount of direct supervision and keep projects on time
  • Sound interpersonal skill to work effectively with personnel of both inside and outside of research group


Desired Skills

  • Characterization of polymer samples
    • Preparation and submission of samples for compositional, thermal, rheology, microscopic and mechanical analysis
    • Proficiency/experience in operating FTIR, DSC, TGA, Rheometer, DMTA, POM or AFM
  • Compounding and molding operation
    • Hakke mixer, lab-scale twin screw extruder compounding
    • Lab-scale injection molder operation
    • Hot press/press mold sample preparation
    • Preparation & submission of samples for various analytical & mechanical characterizationsFamiliar with work order submission, tracking, and sample requests



  • Ability to write basic drafts of experimental procedures, organize data in tables and charts, and provide written reports
  • Excellent record-keeping and documentation skills
  • Provide full data traceability



  • Acquire and manipulate electronic files obtained from compounding, sample characterization or mechanical testing
  • Integrate raw data into higher order information, such as stack plots or graphs
  • Proficient in using Excel is plus
  • Ability to quickly understand and utilize new software applications in the areas of data acquisition/manipulation and specimen submission/tracking



  • B.S. in Polymer Chemistry/Physics, Analytical Chemistry, Material Science, or relevant work experience
  • Ability to learn new techniques & software applications as needed
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Attention to detail and accuracy