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Engineer (KL Technology Center)


Kuala Lumpur, 14, MY

Company:  ExxonMobil


  • For all of the following positions, fresh graduates with strong academic credentials are encouraged to apply.
  • Kindly indicate the position that you are applying for in your cover letter and resume.


Chemical Engineer


What you will be doing

What you should have


Process Engineer








  • Conduct field inspection, design and operations support, optimization, unit monitoring and troubleshooting in the area of Distillation, Sulfur/Amine, Hydro processing or Coking process technologies.
  • Maintain collaborative and influential roles and relationships with ExxonMobil manufacturing sites and/or Licensees across the globe to provide recommendations on technical troubleshooting efforts, optimization and debottlenecking studies, and project development and design. 



  • Bachelor of Engineering or higher degree in Chemical Engineering.
  • Previous academic and practical training in process simulation tools like PROII or HYSYS are preferred.


Chemicals Engineer


  • Support and build technical decision making process at Chemical manufacturing sites, process monitoring of key equipments including distillation towers, heat exchangers, compressors and furnaces.
  • Build, validate and use models for equipment performance trend analysis.
  • Identify trends, opportunities and recommend energy performance, effectiveness and capacity.


Environmental Engineer

  • Execute research & development (R&D) (evaluation of available or developing new technologies), consult (helping plants comply with environmental laws and regulations), and develop capital projects in several environmental technology areas (specifying or designing new pollution control facilities), including air quality control, water treatment, wastewater treatment, and waste management.


Safety Relief Engineer


  • Provide daily technical support and guidance to a team performing safety facilities studies for ExxonMobil refineries and chemical plants around the globe.
  • Responsible for delivering efficient and accurate studies and solutions in the area of process safety.
  • Solid understanding of Process Safety fundamentals including HAZOPs, Risk Assessments, Overpressure Protection and Contingency Analysis.
  • Previous academic and/or practical experience in flare modeling tools such as Pressure Protection Manager (PPM), Visual Flow or FlareNet are required.


Process Safety Engineer


  • Provide risk assessment and Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) facilitation, develop and maintain Safety Case / Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA), conduct project safety reviews such as electrical area classification, fire hazard zone drawings, safety relief and flare calculations, facility siting studies.
  • Familiar with hazard identification, risk analyses and assessment methodologies.
  • Good knowledge of industry standards and practices relevant to process design and safety.


Real Time Optimization Engineer


  • Develop detailed mathematical models for physical processes and chemical kinetics, build and improve application software for the simulation and optimization of refining processes
  • Possess relevant knowledge and experience of the following:
  • M.Sc.  or Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering
  • Experience with developing kinetic/reactor model of large systems
  • Experience with commercial software, such as ROMeo, PIMS, PROII, AspenPlus, ChemKin



Mechanical Engineer


What you will be doing

What you should have


Machinery Engineer


  • Provide engineering expertise for Process, Maintenance and Technical as well as to the Singapore Manufacturing Complex (SCP and Refinery) which includes engineering assessment, design, plant trouble-shooting and equipment failure root cause failure analysis, long term equipment improvement initiatives and provide engineering solutions to problems in specific field.
  • Provide machinery engineering support for modifications/new installations and applications, eg: review and approve MoCs, development of engineering specifications and requirements, design appraisal, review and provide inputs for new installations, support test and commissioning.



  • Bachelor of Engineering or higher degree in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Preferably 2 - 10 years of practical experience in the upstream / petrochemical / chemical / refinery or a similar industry.

Materials / Equipment Strategy / Reliability Engineer


  • Data gathering / input into the site Equipment Strategy database, Systemization, Circuitization (Piping), Degradation mechanism and failure mode identification, risk evaluation and validation.
  • Develop Equipment Strategy Development yearly plan and 5-year roadmap (for Base Equipment and Projects) and to update Equipment Strategy Updates (Post Inspection, Post Turnaround).
  • Drive quality and consistency across organization (Swim lane process, PESTRA 3.0, Credible Failure Mode (CFM) & recommendations) and dedicate time for identifying new CFM (EDD / PDDs).


Fired Equipment Engineer


  • Provide engineering technical guidance on fired / heat equipment (fired heaters, boilers/HRSGs, flares, thermal oxidizers) design, operation, troubleshooting, optimization, monitoring and reliability improvements.
  • Analyze site equipment performance, respond to plant operational events, drive asset improvement in the areas of Safety, Reliability, Environmental Performance and Equipment Capability and apply emerging fired / heat equipment technology at ExxonMobil facilities.
  • Provide quality assurance of fired / heat equipment design to ExxonMobil projects and maintain in-depth knowledge of analysis tools, standards and recommended practices associated with heat exchanger equipment.



Control Systems/ Electrical/ Civil Engineer


What you will be doing

What you should have


Control Systems Engineer



  • Design infrastructure, integrate applications and provide support for a managed set of control systems technologies used at manufacturing sites around the world.
  • Install, upgrade, troubleshoot and maintain Honeywell DCS (distributed control systems), Experion or TDC-3000/TPS control systems, SQL Server, Oracle databases.
  • Apply knowledge and experience on Communications Protocols- establishing interfaces between DCS and subsystems such as process analyzers, PLCs, tank gauging, etc. using OPC, Modbus or other common industry protocols.
  • Apply knowledge on ethernet networking – understand the basics of the OSI model, switching and routing, IP addressing and sub-netting, and basic network device configuration, Microsoft Operating Systems – understand server and workstation operating systems including navigation and configuration, Microsoft Domain Architecture – understand the constructs of a Microsoft security domain (Active Directory) including GPOs, OUs, access accounts, global and local groups, DNS, DHCP, etc., VMware Virtualization – understand the basics of hardware abstraction, hypervisors and management of a virtualized IT environment.


  • Bachelor or higher degree in Computer Science/IT.
  • 5 years or more experience with: AspenTech DMC, ROMeo RTO, Honeywell Uniformance, Bently-Nevada System1, Honeywell Advanced Alarm Management.
  • Programming experience – able to use scripting or compiled programming languages to develop tools or solutions to technical problems (e.g. vbscript, PowerShell, VB.Net, etc.).
  • Experience in regional and global projects, has knowledge of oil and gas production.


Instrumentation Engineer

  • Provide leadership and project Quality Control support for Instrumentation & Control Systems (I&CS) as part of large scale process plant investments and/or control system specialty projects as well as consult and work with operating sites and projects.
  • Provide I&CS leadership, coordination, guidance, mentoring and supervision for all phases of capital project planning, design, execution and startup as well as lead multifunctional planning team.
  • Provide assistance to multiple project teams and work with project managers to provide support on reliability, safety system, equipment strategy development and turnaround maintenance reviews.


  • Preferably 2 - 10 years of practical experience in the upstream / petrochemical / chemical / refinery / EPC or a similar industry.
  • Experienced in equipment engineering specifications and standards. Familiar with industrial standards, local codes and practices.
  • For Instrumentation Engineer, knowledge of key I&CS technologies are required such as:
  • Design and implementation of Control / Safety System and Instrumentation Power / UPS requirements.
  • Control Valve sizing or Design of Local Panels (Compressor control, Boiler control etc.).
  • Tank Gauging systems / Programmable Logic Controller based systems.
  • Able to execute complex assignments including facilities planning of large Control System projects.


Electrical Engineer (Power Engineering)


  • Provide engineering assessments, design, trouble-shooting and root cause failure analysis, long-term equipment improvement initiatives and engineering solutions to issues in the refining and petrochemical manufacturing facilities.
  • Analyze the electrical equipment performance data, update the scorecard and steward the performance. Identify opportunities for deploying new technologies and improve site electrical infrastructure performance.
  • Develop and support FAT / SAT (factory acceptance tests / site acceptance tests) for new electrical systems or as part of project support when needed.

Civil Engineer

  • Provide civil/structural engineering support to plant operations (e.g. modifications, upgrades, new construction and applications).
  • Conduct, review and provide input for structural inspection guidance, evaluation of facilities, design and construction support of plant facilities.
  • Assist facilities with risk management activities to ensure compliance with ExxonMobil’s Operations Integrity Management System (OIMS) expectations.
  • Support site reliability initiatives/programs (e.g. development of equipment strategies, incident investigations, risk assessments, risk-based work selection).
  • Provide technical support throughout the development phase of projects from conceptual to final design/execution.
  • Develop scope of work for conceptual studies, develop technical specifications, assist in contractor selection, and steward contractor's work throughout project execution.
  • Review Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) work and provide consultations on local code of practices and regulations.
  • Maintain ExxonMobil's civil design, engineering standards (General Practices and Design Practices) and manuals.


  • Bachelor of Engineering or higher degree in Civil / Structural Engineering.
  • Possess relevant knowledge and experience of the following:
  • Structural design and analysis
  • Foundation and pile / Blast resistant / Civil infrastructure design
  • Deteriorated structure condition assessment inspection, evaluation, rehabilitation and upgrading
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Rotating equipment machinery support structures and foundation / Earthquake analysis
  • Chimneys and stacks civil aspects
  • Hydrology / Hydraulics / Sewers / Buildings



Refractory Specialist/ Quality Assurance Supervisor


What you will be doing

What you should have

Refractory Specialist

  • Provide support on refractory systems design, troubleshooting and analysis for ExxonMobil facilities around the globe.
  • Lead refractory projects and code efforts.
  • Technology owner for refractories, including manuals and webpage/portal.
  • M.Sc. in Ceramic Science or Engineering or equivalent experience.
  • 10 years or more relevant experience in the refractory field.
  • Possess relevant knowledge and experience in the following:
  • Fitness for service (as related to refractories), FEL/ES3, participated in ASME or API committees

Quality Assurance Supervisor

  • Provide quality assurance and quality control technical expertise to assist manufacturing sites on implementing quality plan and control procedures.
  • Monitor, verify and audit procurement or site quality activities at field sites.
  • Bachelor or Associate degree in related technical fields.
  • Possess relevant experience and knowledge of the following:
  • Quality Management
  • Field fabrication, non-destructive procedures/testing and welding processes
  • ASME, API, ANSI industry standards
  • Experience in engineering, construction, commissioning or start-up activities of various facilities in the oil and gas Industry is preferred.

Please be informed that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Thank you for your interest in ExxonMobil.

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