Security Advisor


Huizhou, GD, CN

Company:  ExxonMobil

Job Role Responsibilities

• Abide by relevant SSHE laws and regulations, carry out the company's SSHE guidelines and policies, and strictly implement the company's various work safety management systems
• Be responsible for the formulation and implementation of the long-term security work plan and annual work plan
• Be responsible for establishing and improving security systems and measures of the company, check the implementation status of security work of the company
• Provide regular training to security personnel on occupational safety, implementation system and various business skills
• Responsible for the planning/management of security equipment and facilities
• Responsible for the coordination of government inspections and the rectification of problems
• Be responsible for assisting local public security organ in the investigation of the cracked cases
• Organize the preparation and exercise of security plans
• Responsible for coordination with security companies, organization of supervision and inspection, etc.
• Organize inspection of the entry and exit of the company's main entrances and exits
• Responsible for the company's access management / responsible for organizing in-plant patrol inspection and factory perimeter patrol inspection
• Responsible for security video surveillance management
• Strictly abide by the company’s management regulations related to personnel safety on site (e.g. fire and explosion protection, PPE wearing, etc.), and actively intervene in unsafe acts

Required Skills and Knowledge

• Have bachelor degree or above and have at least 3 years' security management experience
• Can use English for daily work
• Experience in international projects, MNC or JV is an advantage.
• Effective communication, adaption in multi-functional and culture environment
• Good Listening, Oral and written communication skills
• Have understanding of the relevant national laws and regulations on security