Loss Prevention System Advisor


Huizhou, GD, CN

Company:  ExxonMobil

Job Role Summary


  • Be responsible and accountable for quality execution of LPS
  • Conduct and coordinate completion of LPS training across the organization including embedded contractors per the LPS Deployment Guide which includes Development Workshops, LPS Basic Training, and Stewardship Training
  • Support SLS+ in developing LPS skills of their direct report(s)
  • Periodically participate in stewardship meetings to remain aligned with direction and guidance
  • Teach leaders how to run LPS reports and provide guidance in interpretation vs. stewardship activities
  • Conduct QR’s and V&V of protocol, as well as observe the line executing these activities and provide coaching
  • Support coordination or contribute to the Turnaround SHE plan for LPS and deliver components of the plan
  • Support JLA management and work processes
  • Help develop and support LPS improvement plans identified in LPS Assessments, stewardship activities and/or network activities to support targeted LPS improvement and coaching plans with the organization’s leaders

Job Role Responsibilities


  • Willing to uphold standards for themselves and the people around them
  • Open to the cultural and organizational changes needed for a proactive, behavior-based, systematic approach to loss prevention
  • Excellent written, verbal communication, and presentation skills
  • Ability to act as role models and ability to influence their organization through action and word with regard to LPS
  • Ability to talk to every level in the organization including contractors, the site manager, and all levels in between
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to influence diverse personalities
  • Understanding cultural differences of employees with diverse backgrounds
  • Proven leadership skills