Industry Hygiene Engineer


Huizhou, GD, CN

Company:  ExxonMobil

Job Role Responsibilities

• Establish and improve the company's occupational health/health management system and drive its effective implementation to make the company's occupational health/health work meet the requirements of laws, regulations, standards and specifications and enhance the occupational health awareness of employees (contractors)
• Implement occupational health/health laws, regulations, standards and specifications, establish and improve occupational health/health management rules and regulations, prepare annual occupational disease prevention and control plan and implementation scheme, and organize implementation of them
• Supervise and implement the "three simultaneities" of occupational health in construction projects, and be responsible for application for occupational hazard projects
• Organize the assessment of the current situation of occupational hazards in construction projects, organize the assessment of occupational exposure risks and overall inspection of potential occupational hazards, inspect the use of occupational disease prevention articles by employees (contractors), inspect the integrity of occupational disease prevention facilities on site, and follow up and urge rectification
• Prepare occupational hazard factor testing plan, organize to carry out testing, publicize the testing results and rectify the points exceed the limit
• Carry out occupational health publicity and training for employees (contractors) and provide professional support to BTs/functional departments
• Maintain good communication with local ecology and environment authority, health administrative agencies and public security authorities
• Establish and continuously improve the special emergency plans for public health incident, radiation incident and hazardous chemicals. Participate in emergency drills and investigation and analysis of occupational poisoning and radiation safety incidents

Required Skills and Knowledge

• Bachelor degree or above in chemistry & chemical, and safety engineering
• Understand occupational health/health laws and regulations, standards and specifications, understand occupational health common practices in petrochemical industry
• Have good learning ability and good communication and coordination ability
• Experience in international projects, MNC or JV is an advantage
• Basic English reading and writing skills

Job Segment: Construction, Engineer, Safety Engineer, Engineering