Environment Engineer


Huizhou, GD, CN

Company:  ExxonMobil
Job Role Responsibilities

•Provide design input and review on ExxonMobil Huizhou Chemical Complex (HCC) facilities engineering work regarding environment.
•Prepare and participate environment related facilities commissioning and start up.
•Coordinate interfaces with Government agencies and internal / external stakeholders on environment protection related regulatory compliance and permitting issues for HCC.
•Implement environmental laws, regulations, standards and specifications, participate in the formulation of specific plans for environmental protection work, provide technical support for environmental protection work, make the company's environmental protection work conform to the requirements of national laws, regulations, standards and specifications, and continuously improve the company's environmental protection performance.
•Be responsible for pollutant emission permit management, and supervise the operation of environmental equipment and facilities to ensure compliance with regulations, and promote the implementation of environmental projects/technical measures.
•Be responsible for the management of solid waste; Carry out soil environmental survey and groundwater monitoring.
•Supervise LDAR work and organize to carry out VOCs accounting.
•Respond to community environmental complaints, supervise the investigation of environmental incidents/events, and be responsible for statistics and analysis of environmental incidents; Disclose environmental information that should be disclosed in accordance with the law.
•Supervise the operation of environmental units and facilities, supervise the emission of pollution sources, and participate in field environmental inspection.
•Participate in environmental incident/event emergency handling and investigation & analysis.

Required Skills and Knowledge

•Bachelor degree or above in SSHE / Engineering / Science / Environment.
•8+ years in petrochemical manufacturing or major project experience, including 3 years in SSHE related.
•Experience in international projects, MNC or JV is an advantage.
•Basic English reading and writing skills.

Job Segment: Environmental Engineering, Manufacturing Engineer, Engineer, Technical Support, Engineering, Technology