Engineer - SSHE (Safety, Security, Health, and Environment) Systems


Huizhou, GD, CN

Company:  ExxonMobil

Job Role Responsibilities

• Supervise and drive BTs to implement the safety management measures for major hazardous source
• Check the production safety status of BTs and engage in potential hazards of safety production 
• Serve for BTM, provide safety technical support to the BT, and ensure the BT achieves excellent safety performance 
• Hot work permit audit as per Work Permit Management, etc.
• Participate in the development and review of BT TA HSE management scheme, provide support to the TA safety plan of the BT
• Participate in promoting the implementation of safety standardization within the BT to reach a level consistent with the company's target
• Urge the BT to correct the unsafe acts and equipment defects on site and mitigate the risks to an acceptable level in time
• Stop and correct violative commanding, forcing risky work and behaviors that violates the operation procedure
• Receive safety training, and get familiar with job position related safety production knowledge (alarm, self rescue and mutual rescue); participate in field safety observation, activity, and set an example for HSSE behavior
• Participate site safety walkabout, audit the work permit at least twice per week, provide safety observation report, and urge the rectification and closure of the problems found in the observation and audit
• Based on the work risk, supervise and check the implementation of safety measures during the work, make safety inspection of the jurisdiction area every day, communicate with relevant personnel and discuss/solve the problems in time
• Request BTs to carry out safety management, risk control and hazard rectification of major hazard sources
• Participate in HAZOP review and process risk assessment of the in-service units, and request rectification of risks, hazards and the problems affecting the work safety
• Participate in construction HSSE scheme review, accident/incident investigation & analysis; share accident/incident experience and follow up potential problems, implement the closure of relevant preventative measures and problems
• Participate in preparation and drill of BTs’ emergency plan. Approve relevant work permit on behalf of HSE Department while on duty.
• Actively intervene unsafe act

Required Skills and Knowledge

• Bachelor degree or above in chemistry & chemical, and Safety Engineering. Medium-grade professional title or above or registered safety engineer professional title
• Minimum 5 years work experience in Petrochemical industry with various technical and leadership role
• Can use English for simply daily
• Experience in international projects, MNC or JV is an advantage
• Have good communication and teamwork skills, be good at analyzing and solving problems
• Have understanding of production principles and knowledge of refining and chemical enterprises, and be familiar with and have mastery of safety management tools
• Have understanding of the relevant national laws and regulations on safety

Job Segment: Environmental Engineering, Construction, Safety Engineer, Risk Management, Technical Support, Engineering, Finance, Technology