Huizhou Chemical Complex Utilities Coordinator


HuiZhou, GD, CN

Company:  ExxonMobil


•    Develops, coordinate and optimize short term (3 months) utilities plan
–    Develop Utilities Plan and balances on monthly/weekly/daily basis. 
–    Provides utility cushion signals and forecast. 
–    Develop and maintain tools to track utilities supply and demand real-time.
•    Integrate Utilities into the production planning tools. 
–    Integrated Utilities Planning basis with site production plans.
–    Provide inputs to the site PIMS model (utilities cost info) and maintain accurate basis.
•    Execution of the Plan with the site business teams
–    Provide clear signals to the manufacturing business teams for execution. 
–    Attend operational meetings (weekly, daily) to communicate utilities forecast and issues.
–    Provide daily action plans to site business teams (PMTE) for execution (example utilities requirement, seriatim, 3P interface coordination instructions)
•    Execution of the Plan with third party interfaces
–    Plan and coordinate with the third party utilities service providers and interfaces
–    Coordinate the monthly/weekly/daily plans with the third party utilities service providers
–    Provide execution plans (daily action plans) to third party utilities interfaces
•    Lead or provide support to event management
–    Update basis and forecast on utilities balance, cushions and shed seriatim
•    Support projects analysis on utilities requirements and basis.  

Required Qualifications and Working Experience

•    Bachelor’s degree in engineering disciplines and/or economics
•    More than 5 years of working experience in a Refinery and/or Steam Crackers and Polymers Plants
•    In-depth technical and optimization for refinery, chemicals and utilities plants process flows, interfaces and economics drivers, especially in the utilities planning tools and balances.
•    Good understanding of utilities market, supply and pricing
•    Strong stakeholder management and communication skills
•    Strong analytical mindset and problem-solving capability
•    Work well under pressure and ability to interact with personnel from multi functions and disciplines
•    In-depth knowledge of utilities modeling tools

Preferred Qualifications and Working Experience

•    Good understanding of the utilities streams and optimization in a chemical plant operation
•    Good knowledge on utilities supply chain and services providers to operating plant
•    Good understanding on plant operation and product feedstock and product supply 

Job Segment: Refinery, Utility, Engineer, Energy, Engineering