Duty Manager


Hui Zhou, GD, CN

Company:  ExxonMobil

Job Role Responsibilities

Key Responsibilities:
Shift Coordination
HCC Operations are highly integrated and complex covering a wide area. The Duty Manager must have an intimate knowledge of the majority of the key operating units to enable the individual to effectively lead the shift teams in the safe and efficient operations of the facilities. There is also a need to generate greater awareness of SSHE compliance. The Duty Manager is required to ensure that the Shift team implements all instructions and work activities outlined by various functions are executed in a safe and timely manner. The Duty Manager is required to act as a resource provider for all the shift operation supervisors when conflicting priorities arises during abnormal situation or special operations. This requires him to have intimate knowledge current operation status and constraint of the whole HCC operations, inclusive of support group like the laboratory and Marine Terminal. The Duty Manager is required to constantly track of all activities in the HCC Plant to be able to respond to situational changes and to provide coordination among all the Platform teams when any deviations occur. Establishing the proper communication between all the Platform Start-up Managers is the key to this requirement.
Safety Management
The complexity on the operation necessitates quick response from the incumbent during emergencies, which impact interface coordination. During silent hours the Duty Manager is the overall functional in charge providing overall leadership in handling emergencies and security threats that may occur until the Command Center is set up. This requires him to make on the spot decisions, initiating the appropriate plan to mitigate/resolve the emergency. The Duty Manager acts as a Site Incident Commander responsible for containing, securing the situation with the support of the Command Center and working closely with external support group (e.g.: Fire Department, Police etc).As a key representative to the SIC requires the Duty Manager to work closely with fire-fighting teams to understand its strength/weakness to develop training plans with the SSHE group
SSHE & Controls 
Acts as an OIMS leader for the Shift Teams and the HCC as a whole the Platform.  Drives OIMS leadership and accountability. Demonstrates safety leadership, with high commitment to an Incident and Injury Free workplace. Reviews department OIMS effectiveness via past incidents, audit reports. 
Performs field V&Vs on operator knowledge and provides feedback to the Process FLS. Foster a caring, honest, learning culture within the Platforms. Review & validate that safety critical emergency procedures drills are conducted effectively by the respective shift teams.
Reliability and Operations Excellence
Engage FLS and technicians through LPSA touches. Provide coaching, support, and direction to drive continuous reliability improvement. Active participation in making Plant decisions to support reliability. All instructions and night orders are issued with clarity and all set targets are feasible for the shift teams to meet within operating limits. Engage effectively in coordination and run plan meetings as required. Effectively manage transient, abnormal and non-routine operations by supporting the respective Platform teams. Lead or support Incident Response Team (IRT)
Informal coaching of Process FLS and Process Technicians. Performs V&V to ensure shift team competency and training qualifications are up to standards. Provides input on performance assessment of Technicians
Engage in Platform molecule management/run plan decision making, with the goal of reduce the overall site lost opportunity (LOT).Drives operations to match daily run plan targets. Ensures credible targets are developed.

Job Role Requirement

Bachelor degree or above in Chemical Engineering or related
Minimum 10 years work experience in Olefin, Polymer or Utilities unit 
Track record of leading teams in major events like Green field plant commissioning and start-up, Turnaround, abnormal event management, etc.
Experience in international projects, MNC or JV is an advantage.
Proven field SHE leadership experience 
Personnel Safety, Process Safety and Risk Management. E.g. Safe Operation Committee 
Investigate incidents thoroughly & eliminate root causes 
Adherent to high SHE and integrity standards, hold team accountability
Ability to influence across departments / disciplines and drive general interest decisions 
Decision making under pressure – clear and concise
Courage, confidence, inter-personal skills & team work
Create ownership, drive functional excellence
Good People development and mentorship skills

Job Segment: Chemical Research, Chemical Engineer, Engineer, Risk Management, Manager, Engineering, Finance, Management