Full Stack Developer


Curitiba, PR, BR

Company:  ExxonMobil

Job Role Summary


Developer in an agile multi-functional team, responsible to develop and support Web Applications, domain APIs and micro-services leveraging design patterns.

Job Role Responsibilities


-    Develop code for new and existing in-house developed applications
-    Maintain and Support code for existing applications (Legacy code)
-    Develop infrastructure as code to support cloud solutions and software development pipeline
-    Quality assurance and automated software testing

Expected Level of Proficiency


Required technical skills
o    Advanced English
o    4+ years of Object Oriented Programming experience (any language, internship time may apply depending on the candidate level of expertise)
o    Understanding agile software development and it's concepts
o    Excellent source code debugging skills
o    Code versioning (Git)


Knowledge on the following subjects:
      - Pair programming
      - CI/CD
      - Test Driven Development
   - Unit testing
   - Mocking/ Stubbing/Spying
      - Clean Coding/Code Quality Assurance
   - SOLID Principles
      - Design Patterns
      - Database Concepts
           - SQL (DML, DDL, DQL, DCL)
           - SQL Injection
           - Efficiency (Indexing strategies)
      - Data Streaming and Event Stream Processing
           Data processing patterns
      - Multithreading
      - Web Development Concepts
         - Web services (API - RESTFul)
         - Web security concepts
         - Front-end basics (HTML/CSS/SASS/Javascript/Angular/NodeJS)
         - Web Architecture

Desired technical skills (Nice-to-have skills)
o    Java (Java Spring, Spring boot, Junit, Maven, Gradle)
o    Containers concepts (Docker/Kubernetes)
o    Event Streaming (Confluent/Kafka/Azure Eventhub)
o    Cloud platform: Azure Kubernetes Services/RedHat Openshift
o    CI/CD tools: Jenkins/Groovy/Azure DevOps/Redis
o    Databases: Postgres/Azure CosmosDB/Azure SQL
o    Data Warehouse and Analytics: Snowflake/Azure Data Bricks/Apache Spark
o    Monitoring: Datadog/Azure Application Insights/Grafana/Prometheus
o    Microsoft Azure: CLI/Azure AD/Resource Management/VNet/DNS/Key Vault/APIM/Front Door

Soft skills
o    IT Enthusiast
o    Fast learner
o    Excellent problem solving skills
o    Self-learning skills
o    Collaborative


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