Scrum Master


Curitba, PR, BR

Company:  ExxonMobil

Job Role Summary

The purpose of the Scrum Master is to make a great team that is enabled to deliver value to the satisfaction of the customer.
In order to achieve this purpose, the Scrum Master fosters team collaboration and team improvement. Where multiple teams are needed to work together in order to satisfy the customer, the Scrum Master can foster cross-team collaboration and improvement. As opposed to centralized commanding and coordinating, the Scrum Master uses facilitation and coaching to better enable the team’s self-improvement, self-healing, and self-accountability; great teams should not be overly dependent on the Scrum Master.
The Scrum Master will also be called upon to be an active contributor in driving the integration of Agile values and principles across the organization. While it’s the Product Owner’s goal to maximize the business value by prioritizing the highest-value work, it’s the job of the Scrum Master to foster the team’s ability to consistently deliver said work; it takes both glued together for the customer to receive value.

Job Role Responsibilities

To foster team collaboration and drive value to the customer, a Scrum Master should employ, but not be limited to the following responsibilities:
- Coach teams on how to integrate Agile values and principles
- Facilitate and establish a rhythm of touchpoints by ensuring full team engagement in Agile ceremonies (e.g. Retrospective, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Planning, Refining)
- Communicate with Project Managers on impediments/issues affecting project User Stories
- Elicit dependencies the team has with other teams and build team ownership for cross-team collaboration
- Shield teams from external interference to achieve teams optimal functionality and productivity (when not careful, this could hinder necessary cross-team collaboration)
- In Agile at scale environments, participate and represent the teams in Program Increment Planning meetings and other equivalent ceremonies
- Educate the organization, including management and business contacts on how to better engage with teams
- Work with Product Owners to ensure there is a vision and objectives that would be necessary to motivate the team
- Work with Product Owners to support short and long-term release planning and to keep the work backlog healthy and ready for execution
- Work with Project Managers to provide visibility on progress of project User Stories and agree on best ways for Project Manager to engage the team

To drive team self-improvement in how to better deliver value to the customer, a Scrum Master should employ, but not be limited to the following responsibilities:
- Facilitates discussion, decision-making, and conflict resolution
- Drive teams to improve continuously its health and ability to deliver value to the customer
- Work with the team to employ metrics and other methods to help the team continuously improve
- Facilitates purposeful retrospection ceremonies that lead to action
- Foster teams collective responsibility and accountability
- Anticipate and enable team ownership to its potential or existing impediments

Expected Level of Proficiency

- User Story formatting, prioritization and estimation
- Agile team-level metrics
- Work experience with Kanban and/or Scrum
- Experience with Agile work management (AWM) tools including set-up, planning and reporting
- Familiarity with Agile at scale
- Familiarity with benefits of Test Driven Development (TDD), Automated Testing, Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), Pair Programming / Mob Programming