Sr. Controllers Analyst


Buenos Aires, B, AR

Company:  ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil Business Support Center Argentina S.R.L; empresa afiliada a Exxon Mobil Corporation (*)

Job Role Summary

<span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">Primary mission of Controllers consists of:

<span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">1) Reflecting the business transactions in the financial records.

<span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">2) Producing accurate and timely financial statements.

<span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">3) Providing financial analysis support for the business.

<span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">Controller’s supports Upstream, Downstream, Chemicals and Corporate activities:

  • <span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">Upstream Accounting: Natural Gas Liquids Accounting handles accounting for inventory and movements, reconciliation of balance sheet accounts, billing and accounts receivable, price verification and invoice payment, exchange accounting
  • <span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">Product Movement & Inventory (PMI): Operational Accounting (Product Accounting / Crude & Manufacturing Accounting) – accounting for crude and product volumes throughout the Supply Chain
  • <span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">General Accounting (GA) and Financial Accounting (FA&R): Includes Upstream and Downstream Services Accounting, Fixed Assets, Intercompany, Billing, etc.)
  • <span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">Payroll Services: Perform Monthly, semi-monthly, annuity, bi-weekly, and weekly payrolls.
  • <span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">HR Accounting: Assure that every dollar processed in Payroll Operations, Tax or Accounting is properly reflected in ExxonMobil's accounting records; perform monthly balance sheet account reconciliations; provide Annuity Funding Information to Treasurer's; execute key controls around cash; manual checks, un-cashed payroll checks; execute payments to third parties; manage employee claims and bad debt follow-ups.

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Job Role Responsibilities

<span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">Examples of job responsibilities:

<span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">•Monitoring of product movements

<span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">•Settlement of hydrocarbon purchases & sales

<span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">•Reconciling inventory balances

<span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">•PMI assignments imply working closely with the Downstream Operational Business Units as well as third parties

<span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">•Maintaining proper asset balances and disposition

<span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">•Ensuring proper bank accounting

<span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">•Managing the large number of intercompany charges

<span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">•Accounting support

<span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">•Reconciliation analysis

<span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">•Ensures accuracy of the financial reporting for the Downstream and Chemicals businesses

<span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">•Continuous improvement and innovation

Expected Level of Proficiency
  • <span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">Bachelor’s degree in a business administration or accounting discipline
  • <span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif"><span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">6 years of relevant accounting experience
  • <span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif"><span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">Advanced English level
  • <span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif"><span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">Solid comprehension, analytical, evaluation and interpretation skills
  • <span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif"><span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">Ability to assimilate, pro-active, problem solving and communication skills
  • <span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif"><span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">Business procedures and practices related to activities under responsibility
  • <span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif"><span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">Advanced use of systems tools such Excel, Access, SAP
  • <span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif"><span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">Teamwork and ability to multi-task
  • <span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif"><span style="font-family:"EMprint",sans-serif">Nice to have: Analytics and automation tools


(*) Afiliada ExxonMobil significa Exxon Mobil Corporation y/o toda persona, individuo, sociedad de persona, sociedad con responsabilidad limitada, sociedad anónima, fideicomiso, sucesión, asociación no constituida, representante, joint venture u otra entidad, directa o indirectamente controlante, controlada por Exxon Mobil Corporation o bajo control común con Exxon Mobil Corporation. Para los fines de esta definición el término "control" (incluyendo los términos "controlante" y "bajo control común con") significa posesión, directa o indirecta del poder para dirigir o disponer la dirección del manejo y políticas ya sea a través de la titularidad de títulos, acciones, cuotas o cualquier otro documento con derecho a voto, o por contrato o de otro modo, respecto de cualquier persona, individuo, sociedad de personas, sociedad con responsabilidad limitada, sociedad anónima, fideicomiso, sucesión, asociación no constituida, representante, joint venture u otra entidad."

Job Segment: Tax, Bank, Banking, ERP, Accounts Receivable, Finance, Technology