Contract Admin (F&L)

Fecha de publicación: 23/09/2021

Ubicación: Buenos Aires, B, AR

Empresa: ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil Business Support Center Argentina S.R.L; empresa afiliada a Exxon Mobil Corporation (*)

About Us


ExxonMobil, one of the world’s largest publicly traded energy companies, develops and applies next-generation technologies to help safely and responsibly meet the world’s growing needs for energy. An industry leader, we operate facilities or market products in most of the world’s countries and explore for oil and natural gas on every continent.


ExxonMobil has been present in Argentina for more than 100 years. The Global Business Center (GBC) in Buenos Aires has a workforce of more than 2,000 employees and provides support to an extensive portfolio of businesses across the globe.

Job Role Summary

Coordinates / supports relevant stages of the applicable contract management process. Ensures contract andtask administration is carried out in a timely, accurate manner in line with the contract.

Job Role Responsibilities

Coordinates/compiles key elements required for contract planning activities (e.g. contract portfolio, seniormanagement review material) as required
Coordinates, records functional reviews/endorsements of contracts (incl. DOAG) across organizations &regions as required
Distributes contracts to all concerned parties (e.g. EM, 3rd party personnel, customs and regulatoryrepresentatives) as required
Ensures all master data requests are accurately entered into appropriate system (incl. system configurationto reflect contractual agreement); and compliance with all EM company policies and legal obligations (e.g.:tax licenses, restricted party screening) as required
Maintains repository of contracts/amendments/approvals/supporting documents in relevant systems/tools(e.g. administration, electronic/physical filing) as required
Monitors/supports contractual task execution (e.g. maintaining dedicated repository, data collection, pricereview analysis, yearly indexation) as required
Tracks contractual notices, ensures adequate review is obtained timely and notice periods are met (e.g.evergreen, auto-renewal, expiration and standard contract templates) as required
Calculates/verifies contract prices, tariffs, any other contractual transactions; enters into relevant system,creates adjustments - as required
Prepares / monitors external and internal reporting (e.g. commercial regulatory, contractual obligations,stewardship, P&B) as required
Supports contract owners / business line in resolving operational, commercial or contractual issues, asrequired

Preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Experiences

  • Bachelor’s degree in a business administration or accounting discipline
  • Advanced English level
  • Solid comprehension, analytical, evaluation and interpretation skills
  • Ability to assimilate, pro-active, problem solving and communication skills
  • Business procedures and practices related to activities under responsibility
  • Teamwork and ability to multi-task
  • +/- 2 years of experience in something similar – with certain level of seniority.
  • Ability to handle a considerable amount of work.


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(*) Afiliada ExxonMobil significa Exxon Mobil Corporation y/o toda persona, individuo, sociedad de persona, sociedad con responsabilidad limitada, sociedad anónima, fideicomiso, sucesión, asociación no constituida, representante, joint venture u otra entidad, directa o indirectamente controlante, controlada por Exxon Mobil Corporation o bajo control común con Exxon Mobil Corporation. Para los fines de esta definición el término "control" (incluyendo los términos "controlante" y "bajo control común con") significa posesión, directa o indirecta del poder para dirigir o disponer la dirección del manejo y políticas ya sea a través de la titularidad de títulos, acciones, cuotas o cualquier otro documento con derecho a voto, o por contrato o de otro modo, respecto de cualquier persona, individuo, sociedad de personas, sociedad con responsabilidad limitada, sociedad anónima, fideicomiso, sucesión, asociación no constituida, representante, joint venture u otra entidad."