Procurement Contract Administration Assistant

Fecha de publicación: 2/10/2021

Ubicación: Buenos AIres, B, AR

Empresa: ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil Business Support Center Argentina S.R.L; empresa afiliada a Exxon Mobil Corporation (*)

Job Role Summary


ExxonMobil affiliates have been operating in Argentina for more than 100 years, and we have been part of the country’s oil and gas industry history since its early beginning.

Today Buenos Aires Business Support Center Argentina provides services to internal and external customers both in Argentina and other countries in many parts of the world and employs more than 1,600 professionals supporting Human Resources, Procurement, Information Technology, Refining & Supply, Tax and Controllers activities.

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As a team of highly motivated and diverse professionals, we add value to the business by providing support to procurement professionals or end users which may include creating requisitions as well as creating and maintaining contracts for materials services and freight in SAP used by various business lines. Overall support to the end users in the different steps of the PtP process may be part of the role as well.

Positions Names: Contracts Assistant - Contracts Administrator - Agreements Assistant - Agreements Coordinator

Job Role Responsibilities

• Create new agreements in SAP, ensuring proper setup for automatic issuance of purchase orders, materials and services receipts, and payments, as applicable
• Responsible for SAP agreement maintenance that may include revising prices, making additions or deletions, or updating client or supplier information, etc.
• Issue Vendor Master requests
• Provide SAP guidance to Contract Leads and others, as needed
• Assist Business Clients, as needed, with utilization of Agreements, issuing of requisitions, and other PtP related activities
• Perform periodic data gathering and analysis.
• Utilize systems such as SAP, SharePoint, and other company databases to complete work and assist others

Expected Level of Proficiency

Required Qualifications

  • Student: Business Administration, International Trade, Industrial Engineer, Computer Science, Computer Engineer.
  • Advanced English Level.


(*) Afiliada ExxonMobil significa Exxon Mobil Corporation y/o toda persona, individuo, sociedad de persona, sociedad con responsabilidad limitada, sociedad anónima, fideicomiso, sucesión, asociación no constituida, representante, joint venture u otra entidad, directa o indirectamente controlante, controlada por Exxon Mobil Corporation o bajo control común con Exxon Mobil Corporation. Para los fines de esta definición el término "control" (incluyendo los términos "controlante" y "bajo control común con") significa posesión, directa o indirecta del poder para dirigir o disponer la dirección del manejo y políticas ya sea a través de la titularidad de títulos, acciones, cuotas o cualquier otro documento con derecho a voto, o por contrato o de otro modo, respecto de cualquier persona, individuo, sociedad de personas, sociedad con responsabilidad limitada, sociedad anónima, fideicomiso, sucesión, asociación no constituida, representante, joint venture u otra entidad."