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Research and Development (R&D) Lab Technician Polymers

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plaatsingsdatum: 8-mei-2019

Plaats: Brussels, BRU, BE

Bedrijf: ExxonMobil

Job description



The job opening is in ETC Poly-olefin testing lab supporting Product and Application development and Customer Development projects for Poly-olefin based films.

The lab technician will support these projects by testing film properties to develop a new film application or to optimize existing film structures and use characterization techniques like FT-IR, DSC and microscopy.


We are looking for people with a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry or equal.


The lab technician will be working together on a film project with a project leader.

The film tests performed in the lab are mainly mechanical testing (tensile, puncture, tear, impact), optical testing (haze, gloss) and sealing properties.

The lab technician will plan the work in the lab and is responsible for the data generation and reporting of the data.

It happens that lab technicians work in a team on a high priority project, so flexibility and team spirit are required skills.

Occasionally the lab technician will attend trials at a third party OEM for specific film testing involving limited travel in Benelux and Germany.



  • A good safety mind set to assess risks involved with lab work
  • Quality of work, understanding the details
  • Accurate reporting skills
  • Good planning skills
  • Showing initiative and flexibility
  • Team player
  • Good knowledge of English in verbal and written communication
  • Willingness to travel occasionally

How to apply


Contact lab support and refer to this vacancy. 

Lab support contact reference