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Date de publication: 3 févr. 2018

Lieu: Brussels / Machelen, BRU, BE

Entreprise: ExxonMobil

Job Role Summary


Exxon Mobil Corporation is the world’s largest publicly traded international oil and gas company, best known in the Benelux for its Esso and Mobil brands. With activities in nearly all countries around the world, ExxonMobil prides itself on its commitment to meeting the world’s growing demand for energy in an economically, environmentally and socially responsible manner. The company strives towards operational excellence with an expert talented and diverse workforce, strong financial resources and cutting edge technology. Our customers are both global and local ranging from major chemical companies to the thousands of customers a day who visit our Benelux service stations.


Our people are analytical, result-oriented and focused on getting the best out of their teams. They thrive in our company culture: open, with an international mindset and down to earth. Our hands-on approach, job rotation system, regular training and long-term focus enable our people to learn and develop their talents continuously. The acquired skills and knowledge will help them to become our future generation of managers or technical specialists.


Job details
Most starter positions are in the Business Analysis and Reporting (BAR) department. You will be responsible for monthly analysis of business performance, reporting to management and/or financial reporting upline as information is ultimately published externally. During the assignment you will use and develop analytical and interpersonal skills, learn more about our business lines and working in ExxonMobil.


Career perspective
We hire people for a long-term career. After the initial assignment in BAR you continue in finance or rotate to a business department, depending on personal skills, interests and organizational needs. Financial roles in the Benelux include financial reporting, internal audit and treasurer’s. Examples of business assignments are commercial or marketing positions, business planning and operations. Careers often include positions in different finance and/or business functions. In any career you will be exposed to our Downstream, Chemical and Upstream businesses. Also, career development for strong performers can include international assignments in Europe and the U.S. A first international assignment could come after a few rotations within the Benelux.


All starter positions are located in ExxonMobil’s EMEA Regional Office in Brussels (Machelen). Next assignments, in the Benelux, are often in Brussels but could also be at other ExxonMobil locations (Breda, Antwerp, Rotterdam).

Job Requirements


  • Education: BSc + MSc university education. Typically commercial engineering (Belgium) or business administration / economics (Netherlands, other) or similar
  • Recent university graduate (0 - 3 years of work experience) with demonstrated academic achievement
  • Language requirements: Fluency in English required; command of Dutch or French beneficial.
  • Affinity for analysis with attention to detail
  • Demonstrated leadership, initiative and ability to influence others without formal authority
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to collaborate with people from various backgrounds in developing innovative solutions of highest general interest
  • Customer focus, ability to learn and adapt to change quickly
  • Broad career interests and international mindset.

Recruitment Process


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