Systems Completion Engineer


Bengaluru, KA, IN

Company:  ExxonMobil

Job Role Summary

• Prepare commissioning and start-up sequence, schedules and communicate/drive area completion strategies and system priorities
• Receive, maintain and apply pre-commissioning and commissioning benchmark data for development commissioning labor costs and commissioning schedule estimates
• Oversee and train resources in the establishment, configuration and administration of Systems Completion Database (SCDB)
• Prepare and maintain standard Systems Completion Database Management Procedures and Training Material
• Support development of check sheet and certificate templates and a tag type population matrix
• Revise and maintain Systemization Guidelines and receive, review, develop or maintain sub-system boundary drawings on behalf of projects
• Establish Systems Completion Database hierarchies including system, subsystem, contractor, execution location, module, area
• Receive and compile engineering tag lists and ensure correct systemization and hierarchy assignment in systems Completion Database
• Implement Systems Completion Database change procedure after subsystem review & freeze
• Support comparison of Contractor proposed Inspection Test Records (ITR) and standard reference A-check sheet templates
• Support preparation and updates to resource loaded pre-commissioning / commissioning cost and schedule estimates using benchmark data
• Prepare mechanical completion, commissioning, and start-up progress reports including Skyline reports, check sheet run-down reports, certification rundown reports, punchlist rundown reports
• Compile temporary equipment, tools and consumables lists from Commissioning Procedures
• Support electronic punchlist walkdown package development using latest redline drawings
• Prepare Loop Folders, Work Packages and Completion Dossiers (electronic unless required hardcopy by regulatory) to support the approval / acceptance of Systems or SubSystem Groups according to the Turnover / Handover Philosophy


• Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or equivalent professional experience with minimum of 5 years in Oil and Gas industry
• More than 5 years experiences in Systems Completion processes (Quality Control, Mechanical Completion, Commissioning, Start-up) in Oil & Gas Industry
• Demonstrated leadership skills through previous supervisory position, team leader position, or other leadership positions
• Good command of English both written and spoken
• Effective verbal and written communication skills; ability to clearly and concisely convey recommendations to management / leadership
• Ability to adapt to tight deadlines, heavy workloads, and frequent changes in priorities
• Experience working with Systems Completion Database software (e.g., Continuum Edge, Qedi Completions, Zenator, WinPCS, CoConsole, Orbit)
• Proficient in Microsoft Office suite of software programs
• Ability to travel internationally



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Job Segment: Engineer, Systems Engineer, Database, Testing, Engineering, Technology