Pipeline Engineer


Bengaluru, KA, IN

Company:  ExxonMobil

Job Role Summary


Selected candidate to perform and support engineering associated with our operating and in-design pipeline, risers and flow line assets. This role while primarily technical will have coordination responsibilities, provide mentoring, and require interaction with technical organizations, capital projects and production operations around the world. 
Candidate is expected to demonstrate through experience a thorough understanding about the overall pipeline system & role of an engineer in designing & managing it professionally:


Key Job responsibilities


• Ability to execute and/or steward flowline and pipeline engineering activities, e.g. developing the scope of works, design philosophies & criteria, pipeline routing & GIS, pipe sizing / hydraulics, wall thickness assessment, material selection, cathodic protection & coatings, stability, spanning assessments, geohazard assessments, local & global buckling/walking assessments, installation analysis, pre-commissioning & commissioning, design & constructability interfaces, fitness for service assessments, etc.
• Ability to support project design with technical reviews of deliverables (e.g. design basis & philosophy, survey reports & maps, technical specifications, analysis reports, drawings, vendor deliverables, etc.) and participation in review workshops (e.g. HAZID, HAZOP, risk assessments, design/constructability, EIA, Oil Spill Scenarios)
• Provide support to production units relating to operational integrity and general inspection planning/execution. This includes identifying and managing interfaces  between flow assurance, corrosion, ILI, pigging operations, operating procedures, competency and general inspection planning/execution
• Contribute technically to pipeline system integrity workflows, work-aids and tools  including development or design, implementation and continuous improvement.  Provide oversight, mentoring, and development of company and contract support resources executing pipeline integrity workflows
• Coordination of communication interfaces between teleconferences and management of communication tools and reports. Representation in person (field visits) to project locations, vendor premises, production units


Key Job requirements


• Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree from a recognized university in Pipeline/Mechanical / Civil/Materials or Metallurgical Engineering or related disciplines with minimum GPA 7.0 or 70% marks
• Strong verbal and written communication skills and effectiveness in English
• Strong interpersonal and collaboration skills with ability to mentor others and work with globally diverse business teams
• Between 5 to 10  years of professional experience in oil and gas pipeline engineering with either operating company, pipeline engineering design contractor or Pipeline Project EPCI contractor
• A minimum of 3 years of experience in pipeline integrity management with either operating company, integrity consultancy or ILI/underwater inspection vendor.
• Past work experiences should highlight demonstrable experience and knowledge in:

o Onshore and offshore pipeline design codes, standards and recommended practices. Working knowledge of scenario based risk assessments and HAZIDs.
o Strong analytical skills in pipeline technical analysis; including but not limited to: offshore & onshore pipeline design and routing, riser analysis, fatigue. Ability to efficiently evaluate high volume of critical inspection data
o Pipeline integrity management covering governing codes & standards, data collection, hazard identification (threats such as corrosion mechanisms, third party impacts, etc.), inspection strategies and tools, field operations & reporting, integrity assessments (e.g. data tallying, feature matching, remaining life or fitness for service assessments) and recommendations to production units
o Field experience for route surveys, pipeline construction/installation/pre-commissioning & start-up activities, operating facilities such as terminals, pig trap & valve stations, pipe/valve mills

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Job Segment: Hydraulics, Engineer, Construction, Geology, GIS, Engineering, Technology