Career Fair - Outbound Internet Engineer


Bengaluru, KA, IN

Company:  ExxonMobil

Job Role Summary


We are looking for engineers responsible for setup and maintenance of our Company internet connectivity teams, provide support to over 70,000 users around the world and grant a secure enabler for our e-business and cloud applications. Our projects center around ensuring our company's connectivity is updated, fast and reliable, automation improvement, cloud integration and staying on top of all cyber security demands to ensure a fast, reliable and secure infrastructure.

Job Role Responsibilities



•    Design and Implement Network Security, Proxy, LAN and WAN network solutions
•    Perform investigation and escalation requests to troubleshoot networking systems including but not limited to proxies, routers, firewalls
•    Develop automation and tools to increase reliability and reduce time to market using scripting and orchestration technologies
•    Enhance and expand network monitoring systems
•    Continuously look for opportunities to identify improvements and efficiencies
•    Understanding of Domain Name System (DNS) technologies

Position Desired Skills


•    Bachelor’s degree/Engineering in a related field from a recognized university scoring GPA 6.0 and above
•    Knowledge of proxy, firewalls, routing, network protocols
•    Ability to script in Python / PowerShell / bash. Knowledge of REST Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
•    Network devices setup and configuration (router, firewalls, etc)
•    Ability to troubleshoot networking issues (understand network topology, perform packet captures, etc)
•    Understanding of Windows and Linux computing platforms (client and server), hardware components.
•    Familiarity with agile methodologies (Scrum, SAFe)
•    Puppet, Ansible or comparable automation tools is a plus
•    Knowledge of containers, virtualization, cloud computing is a plus
•    Knowledge of modern authentication protocols Open ID connect (OIDC), Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and programming experience is a plus
•    Motivated to learn and leverage new technologies and tools
•    Great analytical and problem solving skills
•    A highly motivated team player with excellent oral and written communication skills
•    Passive on call support and adapt to changing priorities, work on rotational basis as per business needs

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Job Segment: Engineer, Cloud, Virtualization, Linux, Network, Engineering, Technology