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What role you will play in our team


Support core business activities in the Geodetic team for Upstream (Exploration, Development, Production) and Low Carbon Solutions.

A Geodesist should be proficient in more than one technology/application providing spatial analysis capabilities. Candidates should have deep knowledge within at least one core Geodetic discipline and should be able to design, produce and execute deliverables aligned to that discipline. The candidate will continue to grow technical skills and gain experience through working as part of a broader team, project, or initiative with direction and guidance from SMEs.

What you will do


  • Apply knowledge of geodetic mathematics to accurately measure the earth's geometry, orientation in space and gravitational field as a framework for the treatment of spatial data.
  • Possess working knowledge of satellite geodesy and the relationship between the ITRF and World/National datums. 
  • Basic understanding of Static and Dynamic datums and their relationship with the ITRF datums.
  • Develop and implement data mappings ranging from single system to complex multi-systems and identify / promote data standards that facilitate the interaction of spatial data between systems.
  • Knowledge of platform and database technology required to design, implement, and support spatial data repositories and software tools.
  • Experience in the QC workflow to improve spatial data quality in one or more data repository.
  • Possess general knowledge of a programming language and algorithms such as C+, Python, MATLAB, etc. and the use of APIs.
  • Demonstrate working knowledge of positioning systems (calibration, validation, and operation) and apply measurements in a 3D reference frame and establish the location of offset points.
  • Has working knowledge of physical oceanography as related to subsea positioning (CTD profiles, tides, sound velocity & propagation).
  • Understand various survey techniques to provide geodetic control (e.g., Satellite/Theodolite/Levelling traverses, Reference station baselines, etc.) including least squares network adjustments and residual / RMS accuracies and orthometric height determination.
  • Understand the difference between National/Regional map projections and WGS84 UTM grid projections. Able to verify the datum transformation and map projection settings in a Vessel Navigation System against project requirements.
  • Experience in QC and resolving survey issues with geophysical/geotechnical surveys, rig positioning and subsea construction activities (e.g., topographic, levelling, utility, and nearshore interface surveys, USBL and LBL acoustic systems), able to verify the datum transformation and map projection settings in a Vessel Navigation System against project requirements, ensuring grid convergence is applied appropriately.

About You

Skills and Qualifications


  • Relevant Bachelor or Master's degree and practical experience in Geomatics roles with exposure to Geospatial Science or related Geoscience disciplines and score 70% and above (equivalent CGPA).
  • Candidates should have minimum 5 years of experience in Oil & Gas Subsurface-Geoscience/ Geodetic/ Geomatic domain. 
  • Deep industry knowledge within at least one core Geodetic discipline; able to design, produce and execute deliverables aligned to that discipline.
  • Proficient in more than one technology/application providing spatial analysis capabilities.
  • Perform routine geospatial analysis, computations, and adjustments.

Preferred Qualifications / Experience


  • Capable of working independently on a variety of survey and geodesy related tasks with minimal supervision. 
  • Proficient in independent quality control checks on vendor reports and data deliverables. 
  • Demonstrated leadership, adaptability, teamwork, excellent communication skills in English, and a commitment to higher safety and ethical standards. In addition, candidates should be able to work effectively within and across diverse technical teams.

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An ExxonMobil career is one designed to last. Our commitment to you runs deep our employees grow personally and professionally, with benefits built on our core categories of health, security, finance and life. We offer you: 


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  • Global networking & cross-functional opportunities
  • Annual vacations & holidays
  • Day care assistance program
  • Training and development program
  • Tuition assistance program
  • Workplace flexibility policy
  • Relocation program
  • Transportation facility


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