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Flow Assurance Engineer


Bengaluru, KA, IN

Company:  ExxonMobil

Job Role Summary

The Flow Assurance Engineer is responsible for the design of oil and gas production systems and assessment of their operability; including wells, flowlines and risers, production and injection facilities, and pipelines.  The Flow Assurance Engineer uses analytical and computational tools to predict the transient multiphase flow and thermal behavior of the production system and develops and documents functional requirements and operational strategies to prevent, mitigate, and remediate vulnerabilities associated with gas hydrate formation, wax deposition, and other solids.

Primary Job Functions

During the project cycle, Flow Assurance Engineers conduct technical studies to assess system operability, including
•Fluid characterization using a thermodynamic simulator to model the PVT behavior of produced fluids
•Steady-state, single-phase flow modeling to size gas and/or water injection systems and gas/oil/water transport pipelines
•Steady-state, multiphase fluid modeling to design production systems, including functional requirements for artificial lift and/or thermal insulation
•Transient, multiphase fluid modeling to assess thermal and hydraulic transients during production rate changes, turndown, startup, shutdown, and blow-down; including flowline and riser slugging, cool-down, and warm-up.
•Use of modeling and/or laboratory analysis to predict and assess solid formation, deposition, bedding and/or blockage behavior for hydrates, sand, wax, scale, asphaltenes, and other solids.
•Assessment of erosion and/or corrosion to guide proper material selection, conducted in collaboration with Materials Engineers.

Preferred Knowledge, Skills or Abilities

•Formal training and demonstrated solid work experience in OLGA transient multiphase flow modeling
•Demonstrated solid work experience in prediction of gas hydrate formation and development of operational strategies for hydrate blockage prevention
•Demonstrated solid work experience in oil and gas process modeling, using HYSYS or equivalent
•Knowledge of Pipeline and Subsea engineering

Job Requirements

•B.S. in Chemical Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering/Petroleum Engineering with minimum GPA 7.0 or 70% marks
•5 to 15 years’ experience in Flow Assurance
•Willingness and ability to travel internationally
•Demonstrated solid work experience as a flow assurance engineer or process engineer on oil or gas field development projects or in oil or gas field and facility operations including surveillance, debottlenecking and optimization
•Demonstrated solid work experience in development of multicomponent fluid characterizations using  a thermodynamic or process simulator, such as PVTSIM, HYSYS, or equivalent
•Strong verbal communication and writing skills



Job Segment: Hydraulics, Engineer, Thermal Engineering, Chemical Research, Pipeline, Engineering, Energy

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