Computational & Data Scientist


Bengaluru, KA, IN

Company:  ExxonMobil

We are looking to hire candidates to work on challenging engineering, geological and commercial problems that focus on exploration, development, production, marketing and transportation of hydrocarbons. A successful candidate would understand a problem in oil and gas space (both commercially/economically and technically), be able to formulate the problem in a solvable way, using application of engineering, numerical, data science and programming skills to tackle a range of problems in the oil and gas industry

Job Role Responsibilities

• Work with computational scientists, data scientists, engineers, software developers, and geoscientists across the globe to develop, deliver and apply computational tools, models, or software to support our business
• Enhance proprietary computational models and tools to address evolving business needs
• Use machine learning, pattern recognition, deep learning, statistical analysis and data visualizations – along with domain knowledge and subject-specific models (Eg. physics-based) – to solve science, engineering, commercial problems and provide business insights
• Design, build, and execute studies using proprietary or commercial tools to provide insights including calibrating models to field data and providing field optimization recommendations

Job Requirements

• Master's degree from a recognized university in one of the following disciplines: Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or related disciplines with minimum GPA 7.0 (out of 10.0) and above
• Professional work experience in developing, applying, and analyzing physics-based models and/or data driven computational models and simulations.
• 2-7 years of applied computational work experience for candidates with a Master's degree.
• Ability to understand, enhance and apply computational models
o Familiarity with general numerical analysis and methods for solving differential equations
o Experience with developing, applying and validating physics-based or data-driven tools to model complex systems
o Experience with application of optimization tools in Matlab/Python for engineering problems is a plus
o Familiarity with Statistical analysis, regression, classification is a plus
• Strong engineering fundamentals
o Familiarity with Oil and Gas Industry is plus
o Ability to formulate complex problems in a solvable way
• Software Skills
o Competent to expert level programming experience
o Background in C/C++/Python or Matlab as well as Object oriented programming
o Prior knowledge of commercial software development and/or experience in commercial software teams is a plus
o Software testing and development practices (Agile, etc.) is a plus
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills

ExxonMobil does not use recruiting or placement agencies that charge candidates an advance fee of any kind (e.g., placement fees, immigration processing fees, etc.). Follow the LINK to understand more about recruitment scams in the name of ExxonMobil

Job Segment: Database, Scientific, Engineer, Testing, Mechanical Engineer, Engineering, Technology