AI Operation Analyst


Bengaluru, KA, IN

Company:  ExxonMobil

Job Role Summary


Candidate will be working closely with the senior developers/architects to deliver AI operation solutions. Responsible to interact with application teams, production support and infrastructure teams to develop and implement monitoring requirements for application performance monitoring.

Job Role Responsibilities


•    The AI Operation Analyst is expected to learn/understand the capabilities of the monitoring tools available, gather the monitoring needs for production support, develop monitoring requirements that can be met with the existing tools, and to implement and test those requirements
•    Collaborate with other analysts/developers and architects to design new and modify existing components of our applications.
•    Ensure designs are faithful to requirements and the final results are faithful to designs
•    Coordinate with other engineers to evolve, employ, and enforce our architecture standards and guidelines.
•    Perform functional analysis and provide work estimates for proposed changes
•    Learn and apply new strategies and industry practices as they relate to database and application design.

Job Role Requirements


  • Bachelor's/Master's degree in Computer Science or Equivalent with score 6 GPA and above
  • 8 – 10 years of experience in the following:
    •     Core Java, PHP, Angular, Java scripts, JQuery, Infrastructure automation (e.g. container management, orchestration)
    •     Network storage and Windows Server/Client knowledge
    •     Knowledge in monitoring tools (e.g. AppDynamics, Moogsoft, SCOM, Dynatrace)
    •     Microsoft .NET technologies, Web service API and Cloud development
    •     Databases (i.e. able to make simple queries, etc)
    •     Data analytics / visualization tools (e.g. Splunk, PowerBI, Tableau) and IT Architecture
    •     Understanding of software development lifecycle including analysis, design, implementation, testing, monitoring
  • Understanding of and school experience with:
    • Experienced in Core Java, PHP, Angular, Java scripts, JQuery
    • Machine Learning skills is a must
    • Linux knowledge is required

•    Understanding of software development lifecycle including analysis, design, implementation, testing, monitoring
•    Excellent written and verbal communication skills
•    Agile methodologies and project execution


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Job Segment: Developer, Computer Science, Database, Java, Cloud, Technology