South AP MBU Demand Planner


Bangkok, 10, TH

Company:  ExxonMobil

Job Role Responsibilities



  • Ensure “Nobody Gets Hurt” through prioritization  of safety & mitigation of safety risks 
  • Ensure compliance to controls requirements
  • Manage demand plan model generation at the demand forecast unit (DFU) level for PVL, CVL, Industrial, Marine, Aviation (PCIMA) and import / export finished product lines of business. Gather/solicit Market Intelligence and provide feedback on overall forecast accuracy by market segment and sales channel. 
  • Review demand plan exceptions. Work with Deployment and Planners to resolve.
  • Review demand plan accuracy reports. Investigate/resolve discrepancies.
  • Attend and provide input into pre-Sales & Operations Planning meetings (Sales & Marketing, Export, etc.)
  • Initiate changes to demand planning parameters to improve forecast accuracy  
  • Work with PCIMA team on new and obsolete product strategies
  • Work with the Supply Chain Initiatives Advisor on projects that will affect the demand volume and/or distribution within Region
  • Benchmark best practices on demand planning through industry groups. 
  • Work with Field Sales, distributors, customers, EMLT and Global Demand Advisors to continuously improve this process.
  • Share responsibility for Inventory and Fulfillment Metrics
  • Collaborate with Raw Material Advisor, Packaging Advisor, and suppliers to improve raw material reliability
  • Maintain EMAPSS tables
  • Participate in cross functional work teams which support and are focused on improving demand plan accuracy and customer care
  • Ensure all activities conform to the expectations set forth in the BPIMS Framework


SCOPE (Impacts, success measures/metrics, position in Value Chain)

  • Responsible for the quality of the demand plan that is the basis for the production and deployment of materials throughout the network. 
  • Champion the demand plan process and provide functional guidance and detailed knowledge for demand planning.



  • Supply Planning Supervisor
  • Production Planners
  • Deployment Planners
  • Component Planners
  • Marketing
  • Sourcing Coordinators
  • Other Zone Demand Planners
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Network Data Administration
  • Export Coordinators


Required Skills and Knowledge

  • Minimum bachelor's degree in any fields
  • Fluency in English : TOEIC 800+, TOEFL iBT 98+, or IELTS 6.5+
  • Understanding of Lubricants business and overall network strategy, supply/demand balance, and plant operating constraints
  • Knowledge of SAP, EMAPSS, DSDW, Access and STARCOGs  
  • Sales, plant operations, or planning experience desired
  • Specific knowledge of EMAPSS Demand Planning must be obtained
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Ability to drive functional excellence through a willingness to aggressively pursue new and creative approaches to resolve problems  
  • Demonstrate sound business judgment, decision making skills, and customer focus
  • Strong communication skills and an ability to influence and build consensus while balancing priorities



Job Segment: Network, SAP, ERP, Technology, Customer Service