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Arbeidsgeneesheer/Preventieadviseur - Physician

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plaatsingsdatum: 10-apr-2019

Plaats: Antwerp, VAN, BE

Bedrijf: ExxonMobil

Job Role Summary

Arbeidsgeneesheer - Physician


General Description:

Occupational Health Physician reports to the MOH Manager, and is typically an MOH employee assigned to develop, administer and deliver clinical systems and services to business line operations. Occupational Physicians provide direction/mentoring to Occupational Health Clinicians and Occupational Health Nurses and coordinates the delivery of clinical services.


Core Responsibilities:

 Exhibits a commitment to safety and health of all employees.

 Provides services within the professional scope and standards of practice specific to the health care of employees.

 Conducts clinical assessments to determine fitness for work or identify health effects of work-related exposures.

 Conducts initial diagnosis and treatment for potentially work-related illnesses and injuries.

 Performs case management for work-related illnesses and injuries as well as for disabling personal illnesses and injuries.

 Provides advice to employees on prevention of illness and injury.

 Provides emergency preparedness and response.

 Provides advice to management and SHE professionals on occupational health issues.

 Provides coordination/quality assurance of remote clinical programs and services.

 Serves as Medical Review Officer for A&D policy purposes.

 Provides advice, support, and mentoring for MOH employees (clinicians, IH) on occupational health related matters.

 Provides guidance and feedback on occupational health common systems and improvement opportunities to the OH Manager.

 Builds constructive relationships with local medical providers to ensure ill or injured workers receive prompt, adequate and appropriate medical services.



Job Role Responsibilities


Collateral Duties/Responsibilities (optional):

The Occupational Physician must be able to combine the Local Regulatory Requirements with the Global Corporate Policies, as he/she is both Corporate Medical advisor and Local "bedrijfsarts".


As local “preventieadviseur-arbeidsgeneesheer” the occupational physician is part of a multidisciplinary team (the internal prevention and protection department – interne dienst voor preventie en bescherming) ; as such he/she

works in close cooperation with the site industrial hygienist in risk inventory, risk assessment and advice to management on mitigation and control of health risks.

works in close cooperation with the site SHE-advisors (preventieadviseurs-veiligheid)

advises on ergonomic programs and oversees the activities of the site ergonomic nurses.

keeps contact with or supports the activities of the external advisor for psychosocial aspects, where necessary.

participates actively in site safety management meetings.

is, as independent prevention advisor, member of the site SHE-work council (CPBW).

provides input and feedback for the SHE-year action plan

advises on implementation of SHE-legislation. Implements the legislation where applicable for the medical department.

As local “bedrijfsarts” the occupation physician is responsible for the site health surveillance program (“het gezondheidstoezicht). This includes: yearly review and update of OHTS (updating per individual employee is done by secretary/nurses), the fitness for work and health surveillance medical examinations (pre-employment, periodic, return to work…) (actual planning is done by secretary/nurses)

Organization of first aid

Yearly report to local authorities.

Providing health advice and advice for occupational risk reduction and workplace improvement both on request and on personal initiative.

Maintains his/her certification


As Corporate (ExxonMobil) Medical Advisor, he/she

is member of the Site Emergency Response team (on call out list)

is administrator of OIMS 5.2. Health

implements, applies and updates medical SOP’s

supports implementation of OH Global Best Practices (when feasible under Dutch legislation) by preparing gap analyses, communication to management of procedures that need to be changed and follow-up of management of change. Implements Global Best Practices when applicable to the Medical Department.

Coordinates and supervises the aftercare program under the ADU policy.

Participates in the ICT-meeting to increase and maintain (high) standard of service delivery.

Supervises nurses and administrative assistants.



Expected Level of Proficiency


Education, Training, and Licensure:

 Medical Doctor licensed in the location of operations supported

 Demonstrated proficiency via professional certifications as needed (e.g. Medical Review Officer Cert, Basic Life Support, etc.)

 Recognized expertise in applied clinical health risk assessment and fitness for work determination.

Profile - Requirements

Licensed physician for Belgium, accepted by the “Orde van geneesheren”

Driver’s license for own car